Give yourself a wonderful gift! Travel to the Ukrainian Carpathians!

Welcome to the height of 620 meters above sea level! Here… it is so easy to touch the sky. Here…happiness never ends. Here…time slows down.

Verkhovyna is a unique place with beautiful dawns, the Cheremosh river and the authentic traditions of the Hutsuls.

Do you want a good reboot? then you are at!

Get acquainted with the world of the Hutsuls:

taste traditional dishes, listen to music and songs, see old clothes, admire variety of local dialects – all this is just “a must” in Verkhovyna.

Active holiday in the centre of Hutsulshchyna?! No doubts – it’s worth it!

No doubts – it’s worth it! In winter or summer, spring or fall. Every day. Every minute and every second. For those who are always in motion, looking for new experiences, who is familiar to extreme and not afraid to discover the new sides of the world.

Are you ready?
So, the choice is yours:


Every year there are hundreds of alloys. The Cheremosh River is considered to be one of the fastest mountain rivers in Ukraine. Professional instructors offer different routes of varying length and complexity on rafts or catamarans. They provide necessary equipment and guarantee your safety.


Have you dreamed of trying a real Carpathian offroading? Choose a safe route, full of pleasant impressions! Overcome all the obstacles on your way. Let the freedom of the mountains be opened to you completely.

Cycling and quad biking:

We have more attractions for those who are not very fond of moving “on two feet”. Try cycling or quad biking. It is possible to go with a personal guide, who will help you to discover this land better. This is a great opportunity to see even more and combine it with some sport activity.


This place gives start to the most of the routes to the highest tops:Pip Ivan Chernogirsky (2028 m), Berbenskul (2035 m), GutinTomnatik (2016 m.), Rebra (2001 m.), Petros (2021 m.) and, actually, the highest beauty of Ukraine – Hoverla (2061 m.). That is why trekking here is one of the favorite tourist attractions. However, if you are an amateur you can choose an easy route – a few hours trip to Pushkar or Magura or to the Dil valley and find out there how cheese is made in the highlands.

Sport fishing:

The most delicious fish is a fish you caught yourself. Local fishermen will gladly provide you with all the necessary fishing gear and cook your catch the original way.

Mushrooms land:

What could be better than a full basket of souvenirs collected by yourself and pleasant impressions from the landscapes seen? Right! Only two baskets! But this is not so easy, as it seems! In Verkhovyna our guests can get a professional mushroom picker who knows the best places.

Horse riding:

There is a great opportunity to arrange horseback riding. It is worth noting that the Hutsulian breed of horses is lower than common ones and the nature of the animals is quite balanced and supple. Therefore, a ride to meet the sunset on Magurka Mountain is exactly what is needed to restore inner peace. In winter you can try “Hryndgoly” sleigh riding – a Hutsulian cabriolet, painted with amazing patterns and covered with a “lijnyk” (kind of a rug or bed cover).

Relaxation in “Hutsulian style” – what is it?

For those who love more relaxing rest we suggest to visit a real Hutsulian SPA – hydrogen sulfide vats or a vat with herbs. You can get a massage service there as well. Have you ever bathed in the “Valylo” (Hutsulian jacuzzi), where refreshing mountain water boils! After this procedure we recommend to warm up with a shot of local “Nalyvochka”. Also in Verkhovyna you can try apitherapy with degustation of wild Carpathian honey afterwards.

Delicious food – it’s also about us!

Of course, the Hutsulian cuisine is the sparkling highlight of this region. Recipes from our great-grandmothers, exclusive environmentally friendly products and outdoor cooking master classes – to remember the taste of Verhovyna! Do not forget to visit a local brewery where live beer is born! It’s time to be happy! And well-fed! We believe the most valuable treasure of the Carpathians are local people, because their hospitality and warmth are just unique! Walking in the forests and across the mountain valleys you will always be greeted with smile! There is a special respectful attitude to all travellers. Here live people with a big warm heart, which is always open to guests!

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That is why we made a selection of the most interesting museums in the city:


The Carpathians are waiting for you!