Vacation in Verkhovyna in winter in 2021-2022 is like getting into a fairy tale. Snow-capped mountains, horse harness decorated with embroidery and bells, passers-by in national clothes, hearty dishes, and living traditions of the Hutsul people – all this creates an authentic atmosphere of the heart of the Carpathians. This place is worth checking in at any time of the year. But winter is exactly the season when miracles happen.

Here at the Verhovel Hotel, we are ready to make your winter fairy tale even brighter, providing you with comfort and impeccable service according to European standards.

Here you will find:

  • beautiful modern rooms for vacation,
  • you can visit the SPA,
  • recreational activity and educational trips.

Winter vacation in Verkhovyna in the Carpathians

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It is hard to imagine winter vacation in Verkhovyna in the Carpathians without skiing or at least sledding. Remember Lapland and Santa Claus running under the stars in a sleigh pulled by reindeer? The Hutsuls also ride across Verkhovyna on sleigh carts all winter. Only, instead of deer, horses are harnessed here, and instead of Santa, there are handsome guys in warm serdaks and krisanyas (national vests and hats). On request, you will be taken along the winding mountain paths full of spruce smells. And after such a ride, it will be time to warm up in the Sauna or Hammam in the SPA of our hotel.

If you are fond of skiing, there are two ski slopes with T-bar lifts in Verkhovyna.

This is a great opportunity for a beginner to try his hand. And for those who skate well, it is a great warm-up before difficult tracks.

The first lift is located on Mount Pushkar, at a distance of 2 km from the Verhovel hotel.

  • You can get there on foot, by your car or by ordering a transfer at the hotel.
  • There are two tracks here, to the left and the right of the lift. You can go down from the upper station by choosing any route. The descent is gentle with some places with rapid sections, suitable for beginners and winter sports enthusiasts.
  • At the bottom station, you can rent equipment: downhill skis and snowboards. There is parking nearby.
  • If you are a beginner in downhill skiing, you can use the services of an instructor.
  • There is also a rescue service and, if necessary, you can get first aid.
Lift on Pushkar Lift on Zapidki
From the Verhovel Hotel – 2 km

  • Lift type – T-bar lift
  • The length of the lift is 320 m
  • The length of the track is 380 m
  • Vertical drop is 72 m
  • The difficulty of the route is medium
  • Location: the town of Verkhovyna, Mount Pushkar
From the Verhovel Hotel – 6 km

  • Lift type – T-bar lift
  • The length of the lift is 550 m
  • The length of the track is 740 m
  • Vertical drop is 110 m
  • The difficulty of the route is medium
  • Location: Iltsy village, Mountain Zapidki

The second lift is located nearby, in the village of Iltsy, on the Zapidki mountain, at a distance of 6 km from the Verhovel hotel.

You can get to the lift by your car or by ordering a transfer from the hotel.

  • The track has various levels of difficulty and is served by a T-bar lift. The upper part of the track is faster (red), designed for those who already have experience in downhill and want to improve their skills. The lower part is wider and easy (blue), suitable for beginners. There is equipment rental service and instructor service.
  • It is not necessary to climb to the top of the mountain on the lift, but you can get to a smooth area and descend from the mountain on sleds or snow tubes.
  • Trust us – you will have a lot of fun! Slide down quickly as a wind on sleds or snow tubes will be a real adventure for your children if you are having a vacation with your family. You don’t have to think about additional attractions, and everything you need for downhill skiing can be rented.

At the Verhovel Hotel, we will be happy to help you organize interesting and eventful leisure. Thus, you will remember the vacation in Verkhovyna in winter lively and for a long time.

  • Cooperation with local guides and instructors allows us to stick to the plan of a trip in the optimal time frame.
  • Another entertainment – quite a winter one, by the way – is riding ATVs. It is suitable not only for thrill-seekers but also for those who want romance and try something new. You can choose among routes of varying difficulty and length, and be more impressed with the picturesque snow-capped mountain views. For all beginners or at request, an instructor will escort you and the necessary protective equipment is provided. All this is for your safety!
  • Is winter trekking possible in the Carpathians? Of course! It can be either hiking in good winter weather to Mount Magurka or to a viewpoint, from where you can see the whole Verkhovyna and the Chernogory mountain range, or a hike to high pikes, which requires special training and trekking clothes.

For those who like to take a more calmly and relaxed vacation in the Carpathians in winter, we suggest visiting the museums of Verkhovyna region and learn more about the original culture of the Hutsuls.

Tourist attractions:

  • House-Museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” based on the film of the same name by Parajanov;
  • Vyshyvanka Museum;
  • Regional History and Local Lore Museum of Hutsuls;
  • Museum of Hutsul life, ethnography, and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk.

Museums in Verkhovyna are a dime a dozen or like it is said here “like mushrooms after a spring rain”. By the way, we also have mushrooms, but mainly in autumn, and in winter we will treat you to a delicious Banosh with porcini mushroom gravy, and even with fine liqueurs.

A selection of the most interesting museums of the town, which can be visited on a winter vacation in Verkhovyna in the Carpathians: