SPA – hotel in the Carpathians – Verkhovel

SPA is something they say: “it’s better to try once than to describe it with hundreds of text characters”. That’s why we invite you to the SPA-hotel in the Carpathians – “Verkhovel”.

In the list of SPA-services each guest will find something pleasant and desirable for himself:

  • finnish sauna
  • hamam
  • indoor pool
  • jacuzzi;
  • tropical shower;
  • Kneipp track;
  • pouring living water;
  • recreation area;
  • massage.

First of all, we draw your attention to the fact that we are in the very heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians, where the water is not just crystal clear, but it is like Water Of Life! Therefore, SPA is on the Must-Do List during holidays at any time of the year.

SPA in our hotel is open from 19:00.

And at once the most important pleasure for all our guests – in all room categories, the price includes 2 SPA hours per one booked night (namely: indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, Hammam, Tropical shower, Dousing with Water of Life, as well as the Kneipp route and a visit to a relaxation area with loungers for your comfort).

For guests who do not stay in our hotel there is a spa rental service from 11.00 to 17.00. The cost of renting a spa includes the use of the entire spa area.

SPA rental price (up to 6 people):
The first year – 1200 UAH/hour.
Each subsequent one – 700 UAH/hour.

If more than 6 people – surcharge:
The first year – 200 UAH/person.
Each subsequent one – 120 UAH/person.

Treat yourself to a comfortable spa vacation in the Carpathians in 2022!

For an even more comfortable SPA vacation in the Carpathians in 2022, we provide the necessary towels.

All in all, here you forget what stress is because in SPA you should worry only about whether you have lost your sneakers and nothing else.

It is allowed to visit the SPA with children of any age, under the supervision of adults.

What services does SPA in Verkhovyna offer?

We invite you to check all the SPA services in Verkhovyna offered by the Verhovel hotel:


1. The Finnish sauna is known all over the world for its preventive and health-improving effects on the body. High temperature and low humidity, as well as dousing with cold water – these are the classics of the Finnish sauna. Linden wood was used to build the sauna, which gives a pleasant aroma and allows you to relax even more.

2. A Hammam is not just a bathroom, it is a whole ritual. Hammam can be safely called a rejuvenation procedure because it promotes regeneration. It has its special microclimate – mild and relaxing, due to which the body warms up gradually and at deep levels. This procedure is taken with a cup of tea of Carpathian herbs.

3. The indoor pool can be alternated with all procedures. Please note that the water temperature here is + 27⁰C on average, the length of the pool is 5.5 m, the width of the pool is 3.5 m, the depth of the pool is 1.5 m. Swimming is useful for reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system, but the muscles of the body are being trained very well. Also suitable for swimming with children under the supervision of adults.

4.Tropics in the Carpathians? Easily! We suggest you try the Tropical Shower. This treatment refreshes and creates the effect of a pleasant and warm summer rain to heal and tone your body.

5. Jacuzzi by its nature resembles the nature of a geyser, where the water temperature is 37 ⁰C, and also promotes metabolism. This light and pleasant massage with the addition of essential oils and sea salt is beneficial for your body as it improves blood circulation. The Jacuzzi feature is in combining water and air massages and it is a great opportunity to relax. The Jacuzzi can accommodate 7 people at the same time.

6. The Kneipp route. If Kneipp were not German, he would be a Hutsul. The Kneipp route is simply a genius invention of hydrotherapy. Foot treatments are based on contrast – the alternation of the cold and warm water improves the immune system in general and is also an interesting and fun adventure. If laughter prolongs life, then laughing while walking along the Kneipp route doubles life.

Pouring with Water Of Life and even from a wooden bucket is a good procedure for those who love fortifying body against cold, very refreshing after visiting the sauna or when you just want to quickly cheer up.

Between visits to various procedures, can you have a great time in the recreation area, lie on the loungers, take a selfie:) or just chat with friends with a glass of champagne or a cup of aromatic tea in hand.

After visiting the SPA, you can supplement your relaxation with a massage for greater effect or simply for wellness relaxation and, of course, to relieve stress. Besides, the prices for a SPA hotel in the Carpathians are quite affordable!

For a fee, you can order a classic relaxing neck, back, or full body massage and complete this pleasant procedure with a cocktail of your choice.

Feel in practice what a real recovery is! Hurry up to visit the SPA at the Verkhovel Hotel!

We will be grateful for your feedback and check-in.